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Mulching and chipping is one of the many tree care services that we provide to the residents of the wider Dunedin area. Mulching is an environment-friendly way of clearing unwanted plant life from your garden as it puts back the nutrients into the soil to benefit the rest of the vegetation. Chipping is an effective means of cutting down tree limbs, branches, even entire trees, by turning them into wood chips that can be used to either surface your garden, or removed from your property.

What are the benefits of proper mulching your trees?

Now while the value of mulch cannot be denied, its effectiveness is heavily reliant on proper application. Many homeowners tend to believe that simply surrounding the tree trunk with piles of mulch will yield the desired results. However, such is not the case. There is a certain science to the application of mulch for optimum results. Some important factors to consider when mulching are:

  • When applied correctly, it can protect the tree from lawn mower and line trimmer damage.
  • It keeps the soil moist and prevents weeds from growing.
  • It helps to stabilize the temperature during the winter cold or the summer heat.
  • The decomposing of organic mulch will improve the structure of the soil.

Why you should choose us:

We have the specialized equipment and expertise to handle jobs of any size, but what else makes our mulching and chipping service the ideal choice for residents of the wider Dunedin area?

  • Over 30 years of tree care experience – We have over 30 years of experience in tree care services in the Dunedin area. This makes our experts capable of competently handling projects of any scale and level of complexity.
  • Well Equipped – We are equipped with specialized wood chipping equipment to handle branches and trees of any size.
  • Fully Insured with Public liability insurance We come fully insured with Public Liability Insurance, and have you covered against any accidents or injuries.

Mulching and chipping is an essential component of tree care and residents and homeowners need to ensure that it is done property to facilitate the good health of their outdoor space. Call us now for any mulching and chipping services you require.

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