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We are a Dunedin based Arborist and offer our tree pruning services to the greater Dunedin region. We understand that regular tree pruning is vital for the health and well being of all trees. Proper maintenance, undertaken by a professional arborist will prevent a tree from dying prematurely or eliminate undergrowth which can cause damage to your property or the tree structure itself. Pruning is also required when branches start to grow towards power lines, structures or other services. We offer a number of pruning options, including crown reduction, lifting and shaping. Thinning, deadwooding and pollarding. Pruning for view, and safety and many more. Dial the number below to begin your tree pruning consultation now.

What are some pruning options?

  • Crown lifting – Increasing the clearance between the ground and the lower branches
    • Allows for greater access below the tree, ie greater clearance over a pathway or road.
    • Can help to improve light levels.
    • Can add to the over aesthetic of the tree by creating a balanced lower crown.
    • Can remove any interference with structures or services.
  • Crown reduction – To remove dead, diseased or damaged branch tips , to relieve a branch of excess weight or to reduce the overall size of a tree.
  • Crown Thinning – To remove a number of secondary branches in such a way that does not alter the overall size of a tree.
    • Can result in improved light levels passing through the canopy resulting in a reduced amount of shading.
    • Can reduce wind loading upon the limbs of the tree.
    • Reduces weight and allows for the removal of dead and weak branches.
  • Formative Pruning – To assist and train a young tree to develop into a stronger well shaped tree

What are some reasons to prune?

  • Aesthetics
    • Overgrown branches and unwieldy branches can detract from the look of your property.
    • Pruning encourages greater production of fruit and flowers.
    • Dead and diseased branches can affect the overall health of your tree.
  • Safety
    • Large branches can crack or fall, injuring people or damaging property. Damage can be more costly than investing in a qualified arborist.
    • Taking a proactive approach to trimming problem branches to prevent them from breaking or falling during a storm or high winds.
  • Tree Health
    • Pruning and trimming encourages healthy tree growth.
    • Dead or diseased branches can affect the tree’s health.
    • Pruning is preferred to completely removing a tree

Pruning by season

  • Winter
    • Most trees are dormant in the winter which means it is a good time to prune.
    • Winter pruning encourages new growth during the spring time.
    • We recommend you have your trees pruned once the coldest part of winter is over
  • Summer
    • Summer pruning helps to slow down growth of branches you don’t want.
    • It’s easier to see problem branches after the growth cycle thus making them easier to remove.
    • The reduced leaf surface means the tree sends less nutrients to the roots.
  • Autumn
    • Autumn is typically not a good time to prune your tree, there are more decay causing fungi in the air during this time and trees heal more slowly from pruning in Autumn leaving them susceptible to fungi.
  • Flowering
    • If you like to have full flower growth from your trees
      • Spring blooming trees should be pruned once their flowers fade
      • Mid-Late summer bloomers should be pruned in late winter or early spring

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