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We are based in Dunedin and offer our specialist Tree removal services to the wider Dunedin region. If you have any questions regarding a problem tree on your property, do not hesitate to call us on the number below.

There are many factors that dictate whether a tree should be removed, in most cases, we believe it should be your last resort but in all cases you should consult an arborist to discuss what your options are.

Please remember that it is always safer and smarter to have a professional arborist be a part of the process from the beginning. Felling a tree can be a dangerous task if not done correctly and should always be performed by trained professionals.
We are here to offer advice on all your tree removal enquiries, simply dial the number below to begin the consultation process.

What are some indications that a tree should be removed?

  • Damaged or decaying roots is a clear sign that your tree has rotted or is dying.
  • Cracks or cavities can indicate that the tree is structurally damaged.
  • An excessive or unnatural amount of leaning, that has been observed to increase over time is a common sign of a dead or dying tree.
  • Dead or rotting branches fall during periods of rough weather or (even worse) during normal conditions .
  • It is growing dangerously close to power lines or a house.
  • It endangers the occupants of the property
  • The roots are causing damage to a building, driveways or drains

Why you should choose us:

  • Our Arborists are professionally trained and well experienced in Tree removal, through an initial onsite consultation, they will evaluate the health of your Tree and put a plan in place to remove it safely and efficiently.
  • We have Public liability insurance so that in the extremely unlikely event that someone is injured or something on the property is damaged, we will cover the bill.
  • We use specialized equipment and modern techniques that enables us to remove a tree no matter its location, whether it be in a confined space, near a house or close to powerlines. This could require advanced applications to lower or control the falling limbs one section at a time, or it may be felled whole, using conventional forestry style methods if the space allows and it can be done safely.
  • We have access to specialist services for crane or helicopter assisted lifts for the more complex or large jobs.
  • We leave the area as we find it, clean and tidy
  • We have chippers on site and will leave or take the wood chippings at your request.

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